K.N.C. Agro Limited

 Seafood Processor & Exporter 
 Exclusive Packer for FoodAmerica, L.L.C. 

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Our team has been working in the shrimp industry for more than 20 years. We began with shrimp farming and that developed naturally into processing and exporting our high-quality products for clients all over the world.

KNC Agro LTD, was founded in 2008 and is a well-equipped, modern facility using the most efficient technology to increase productivity of our value added seafood products.

KNC Agro LTD is a 4-star BAP Certified seafood company located in Pichaboni, Purba Medinipur, which sits about 99.5 miles / 160km from the city of Kolkata, in West Bengal, India. The facility is close to Bay of Bengal and is considered to be positioned in one of the most ideal and well-suited locations for harvesting exceptional shrimp crops. Here, we take full advantage of the benefits of the region’s rich estuaries, which contain both saline and freshwater, to farm the best quality seafood. 

Our Farms…

Our processing plant is situated within a 6 - 12 mile / 10 – 20 km radius of the farms we oversee. Shrimp harvested from our farms can arrive at the processing plant on ice in under 30 minutes, ensuring the highest degree of freshness and superb quality FoodAmerica have come to expect from KNC Agro LTD. 

At KNC Agro LTD,we self-harvest crops on our own 117 hectares of farmland along with our dedicated team of local farmers, which comprises an additional 1,000 hectares as part of our franchise farm group. These farms, the estuaries and ponds, are all located within 20-30 minutes from the factory, by truck. We specialize in Black Tiger and Vannamei crops. 

These franchise farms operate adjacent to our own farms and their operations are monitored by KNC Agro LTD to ensure our commitment to quality and excellence is continuously met for all FoodAmerica non-phosphate products.

Having been in the shrimp industry for over 20 years, we bring our team’s dedication, experience and wealth of knowledge to the farms and franchises in our network to deliver the quality and freshness FoodAmerica, L.L.C. have come to rely on from KNC Agro LTD, the first choice in shrimp processing and exports.

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